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Typically, on the last day of the semester the fields are open, they close early for a staff party. That would be today…


So – we can set an earlier start time and play until we run out of daylight somewhere else, or we can take our chances and show up at the fields at 7, or we can call it altogether and just say Happy Holidays.



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Join us starting at 7:00 under the bright lights at 51st/Guadalupe.


Look for friendly faces and flying discs. We’ll be as close to the main gate as possible.

**Before you post a question (or email) about ID’s, days we play, or any other questions – please check out the FAQ. **


IT LOOKS LIKE the fields are open until 12/7, when they close for winter break. Usually they have a staff party that day, so either we would need to start earlier at Zilker or call off that night’s games. Opinions?

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