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New Years Day Ultimate

New Year’s Day pickup game.

10:30 at Zilker Park Great Lawn
(north fields).

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The “beverage in hand” is now Thursday at  noon. I refuse to play “hot
chocolate in hand” in the cold  rain (80% chance).
Same location. It’s at the east YMCA upper  fields. 5315 Ed Bluestein
Blvd, Austin TX. It’s  essentially MLK and 183 in east Austin.
Please post this on other Ultimate-related  email lists.
Bring money if you can (suggested $5 – $10  suggested) for YMCA
donation to pay for the fields.
Ordinarily, Riverside plays regardless of the  weather. But cold rain
discourages beverages, which crimps the BIH game.
Some people will show up anyway tomorrow (because  they don’t read
email?). Have fun. The YMCA guy we deal with, Darrell Barnett,  is out of
so good luck explaining yourself to the YMCA. If you must,  mention it’s the
game Iram “J” Leon reserved last year.
Original email with more details is below.

— Silverback Steve, weather wienie


It’s not a Secret!

All Ultimate players in Austin (and those visiting from out-of-town) are invited to play Beer In Hand pick-up Ultimate at noon NEXT Tuesday the 29th at the YMCA Fields (5 and 6 for all you Winter Leaguers).

Voluntary donations ($5 – $10 suggested donation) of any amount will enable underprivileged families to enjoy programs at the East Communities YMCA.

Please do be Respectful – No Puking on other Players – No DUIs – No Minors with Alcohol – This is a Riverside event.

See Email Below!

Date: Wed, 16 Dec 2009 14:32:52 EST
Subject: [RiversideUltimate] “Beverage in Hand” game 12/29, noon @ YMCA east

Feel free to post elsewhere in the ultimate community.
Everyone who can hold a disc and/or drink liquids (not even simultaneously) is invited to the planet’s funnest event, the annual beverage-in-hand game. It’s at the east YMCA upper fields. 5315 Ed Bluestein Blvd, Austin TX. It’s essentially MLK and 183 in east Austin. http://bit.ly/6826Mm
Starts at noon, 12/29. Lasts 2 – 3 hours, usually with a couple of simultaneous games, plus subs and socializers.
The YMCA is letting us use the fields. But we’ve promised them a fundraiser. Voluntary donations ($5 – $10 suggested donation) of any amount will enable underprivileged families to enjoy programs at the East Communities YMCA.
Paul Normandin (bald) and Steve Carrell (the only white beard) will collect donations. Donations are tax deductible but we will not be giving receipts.
The rules:
Bring beer (or beverage of your choice….and during the rest of the rules when I say beer you can substitute “beverage†if you don’t  plan on drinking beer).
All ultimate rules apply…except you must have an open beer in hand  while playing.
Playing with an empty beer is a turnover.*
Dropping your beer when catching is a turnover.*
No glass containers on the playing field.
Spilling your beer is not a turnover….but is considered a spirit violation and beer that is forever lost.
Rules amendment 47S: Any container you carry must permit spillage.
Rules amendment Whatever: (Recite a standard admonition about underage drinking, driving & drinking, driving while playing ultimate, etc., especially etc.)
Bring beer.
If you have any questions, consult your Riverside Handbook…chapter 12 subsection 132A…or just post your question to this group. We never seem to lack “expertise†on any subject.
Thanks to several Riversiders (including the intentionally anonymous) for your efforts on past and current events.

Silverback Steve

*Note a D with an empty or a dropped beer is NOT a D!  Disc returns to the thrower.

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3rd Annual Holiday Party!

Hey all,

Join us Saturday, December 12th any time after 6 pm for our annual Holiday Potluck. There will be food and beer for all! (yum) And a fire pit with s’mores in the backyard (tradition!)

All you have to do is show up with some food/drink to share.

It’s at our house, which is located in North Austin.

Hope to see you tomorrow!!

XO Rage/Rach

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FNU 12/4

Pickup Friday, 12/4  from ~7:15 until lights out/we’re too exhausted.

We’re playing at Whittaker Fields (the IM fields)

All the usual apply:

– white shirt
– dark shirt (NO GRAY!)
– cleats/turf shoes/tennis shoes
– lots of water

Map to Whittaker Fields

We’ll try to get as close to the main gate as possible. Look for friendly faces and flying discs.


This is the last day that Whitaker Fields will be open – tomorrow starts the Holiday Break. There’s the possibilty of some alternate ultimate activities until January on occasion, and I’ll post them here as they come up. Otherwise, see you at the beginning of the spring semester. Happy Holidays!

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