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Beer in Hand Ultimate!


BiH is tomorrow (12/30) at Noon at YMCA fields on 183 and East 51st Street.

Map to the fields

Riverside will provide:

* Beautiful weather (Sunny & 72)
* Wonderful Upper YMCA Fields
* Other Ultimate players

You should:

* Bring your own Beverage – (NO GLASS)
* Bring cash for donations to the YMCA for hosting BiH ($5-10)
* Follow the BiH Rules recorded in Brian Nilson’s email on Fri, 19 Dec 2008 09:57:56 (& the Riverside Handbook)
* Come with your head and heart set for FUN!


Big, Bald, Bygone Paul

PS – This is not winter league – this is Riverside – whiners, crybabies or primadonnas welcome as well as all the cool players from Riverside! 🙂

****THIS IS HOSTED BY RIVERSIDE ULTIMATE. We won’t need a quorum via comments here to know there are enough people to play. This game will be happening 12/30, I’m 100% sure of it!)

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Day after Christmas Ultimate!

Pickup 12 PM Friday, December 26th. Robert E Lee fields at Zilker Park.

The link is not exact but click here to see where you’re headed.

Who’s in?

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Hello All,

Austin Winter League began its 3rd season last Sunday. We are up and running with 12 hard-core teams, cold wind a’blowin, and enough attitude to make a Walmart cashier apologize.

The league is full. The teams are set. And what happened to you? There are 200 players in the league, but over a 1,000 Ultimate players in the Austin area. This means there are at least a dozen of you out there that for whatever reason didn’t sign-up to the bitchinest league in Austin. Fortunately, the league has a Pay-to-Play policy that invites non-registered players to poach on a bit of the Winter League happiness.

Here’s the deal, Winter League plays on Sundays at 1:00 PM on the following remaining dates: Dec 21, Jan 4, Jan 11, Jan 18 and Jan 25

If you would like to join the league for one of these dates, you certainly can by showing up 20 minutes prior to game-time and paying just $7 for the privilege. Show up late and you’ll be sent packing.

The only catch to this ass-slappin’ deal is that sub-assignments are made based on player absences/team need. This means you cannot count on playing on “your friend’s team.” It won’t hurt to ask to play on a “your friend’s team”, but I’m just sayin’….if “your friend’s team” has all its players while another team is missing half their squad…guess where you’ll be sent? It won’t be “your friend’s team,” I can tell you that.

Visit http://www.austinwinterleague.com for more details. Hope you’ll come out and give it a go this Sunday at 12:40 PM. Yow!!

Gary Breaux
Lead Organizer of Austin Winter League

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The IM fields are closed starting 12/8 for the Winter Break. Looks like they’ll open again on January 20, 2009.

So it’s likely we won’t have ultimate twice a week as we are accustomed to. But as often as possible, we’ll have Alternate Ultimate activities for those who are interested.

This week’s activity:

Laser Tag

Meet at 7:07 PM on Monday, December 8th in the lobby. Being on time is crucial since the games run on a strict schedule. Bring cash if at all possible, sometimes we can get discounts in large groups if we all pay in cash. You’ll need to wear some kind of sneaker, and be warned it can get warm with all the moving and shooting you’ll be doing. There’s also an arcade for between games. Since we can’t play ultimate, the least we can do is compete to see who wins at shooting laser guns, right?

So who’s in?!?!

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Pickup Friday, 12/5 from 6:45 until lights out/we’re too exhausted.

This is the LAST GAME AT THE IM FIELDS until 2009! Check the blog for Alternate Ultimate activities, as they are planned!

We’re playing at Whittaker Fields (the IM fields)

All the usual apply:

– white shirt
– dark shirt (NO GRAY!)
– cleats/turf shoes/tennis shoes
– lots of water

Map to Whittaker Fields

We’ll try to get as close to the main gate as possible. Look for friendly faces and flying discs.

Wear stuff to stay warm!!!


the Second Annual Palmarozzi Christmas Party is this Saturday! Bring food/drink and friends! Details here: linkidy link

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Ultimate Players,

The registration window for Austin Winter League will only be open for 3 ½ more days. There are about 30 spots left and then the league is full…as a tick! If you were waiting until the last minute to sign-up, you best not wait any longer. Of those 30 spots, we’d love for at least 12 of them to go to the ladies. More women help balance out the teams. Do it up right, ladies!

A word about money…this league is unapologetically the most expensive league Austin has to offer. At $44.69 the price is up from last year by about $2.00!!! What the eff!!!?!

Don’t get so excited, mon cherie! At closer inspection, this league is actually the best deal in town- shirts, discs, food, drink, lined fields, showcase games, and 7 weeks of the seckest sport in the world. Let’s assume for a moment we didn’t serve up hot food and drink each week…you’d still probably go grab a burger or pizza with your friends after the games and drop $7 on average anyway. We’ll serve you six weeks of food (6 x $7 = $42) for no more than the price of the league. Add to that a $10 disc, $7 T-shirt and pretty soon the league is starting to look like a genuine bargain, eh? How do we do it? We book during hurricane season!

BTW, I did some quick checking of a local soccer league just to compare costs and look at what I found (attached)! Those fancy-pants soccer players must be made of money. They’re paying literally hundreds of dollars every time out!

Okay, I’m coming down from the soap box that was teetering on my high horse, but I just wanted to put the cost of this league in perspective in case anyone was hesitating to sign-up do to the $$$.

For all of those that have already signed up for the league, get ready to be treated to the finest league-experience on the planet. Here’s what you need to know right now…plan to come to the Austin Winter League Kick-off Party from 6 PM to ??? on Friday, December 12th at Wahoo’s Fish Taco (located near downtown). This is a MUST ATTEND event for all players in the league. This is where you’ll pick-up your player packets, meet your team captain and team mates. This is also where your team shirt color will be chosen based on team attendance at the party. Don’t let your team get stuck with the lame-ass lime green shirt color because YOU didn’t attend!!! After that, the league gets underway on Sunday, December 14th. Yikes!

Gary Breaux

Austin Winter League 2008-2009

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Event Info
Casa di Palmarozzi
Time and Place
Start Time:
Saturday, December 6, 2008 at 6:30pm
End Time:
Sunday, December 7, 2008 at 2:00am
Casa di Palmarozzi
14401 Sandy Side Drive
Austin, TX
Contact Info

Kick off the 2008 holiday season with a cocktail party full of good food, drinks, and friends.

Bring some food and/or drink to share for the potluck dinner. Use the wall on Facebook or the comment section here to coordinate food if you wish. We’ll have s’mores (Todd!) in the backyard using our awesome fire pit, an entree, and sodas on hand for everyone.

And Christmas lights. Our entire block lights up every December (some yards even have singing decorations, it’s crazy) and is continually the most festive block in Wells Branch.

Last year we had 50+ people and partied until 4 am. Can’t wait to do it again :o)

Please feel free to bring a date or friend(s).

Hope to see you there!

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How is it December already???

Pickup Monday, 12/1 from 6:45 until whenever we are done/they kick us out/we go to dinner.

We’re playing at Whittaker Fields (the IM fields)

All the usual apply:

– white shirt
– dark shirt (NO GRAY!)
– cleats/turf shoes/tennis shoes
– lots of water

Map to Whittaker Fields

We’ll try to get as close to the main gate as possible.


PS – We’re throwing the Second Annual Palmarozzi Christmas Party this Saturday. It’s a potluck, and Chris’s last hoorah before (not major!) surgery on Monday. We’d love to see you! I’ll post details to the blog later today or tomorrow, when I get a moment of free time 🙂

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